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Welcome to our site, it is a pleasure to have you. We are small talented team of stylist, located on Long Island, New York. We see all of our clients by appointment only which means, you are never going to be lost in a see of people. When we work on your hair, all of our attention is on you. Even more important, we don’t stop until you are satisfied.

Dear Friend,

When I was 16, growing up in Israel, I entered my first class to become a hair stylist. I was the only young man in the room. The girls looked me over and giggled. But as soon as I held those scissors and that comb in my hand, something clicked.

I realized I was born for this.

I studied hair in France, but I drove my instructors crazy. Every day they’d teach us a technique. I’d watch closely, see the end result, then achieve that same result through a method that just felt right in my gut.

They couldn’t understand how I did it. They were dumbfounded. I just needed to see it once – and my instincts could show me a better way. A way that was right for me.

But that’s why I love hair so much.

It’s an adventure. Each person who sits in my chair is an uncharted path. My goal is to connect to their heart, discover who they really are deep down, and give them a style that shows their inner beauty to the world.

I’d love to meet you too, and give you a style that just might change your life.


Tomy Biton

Hair stylist &Founder